PistonFest show

29th June 2003


One of the last Lotus Esprits

The all new Marcos

Ferrari 355 challenge car

Very hot sunny day, not the best for a Black Exige, nice car though.



Nice Caterham and TVR's Elise Type 25 with a few new products.............. .......from Reverie including the new Boost tube.

TVR racer A few Elises next to the SELOC/Racespeed tent (including my own) The RACESPEED/ SELOC tent Exige amongst the TVR's

A wide range of cars were there.


The finished CORAM LMP Nice!!
  Noble M12            
  Burnout on the drag strip   Americana and hot rods were the order of the day.   This was quick   Pick-up was very quick.
    The drag racing was a bit disappointing. They would run a couple of cars, one would blow up and they then spent approx 45mins clearing up, shame as I was interested to see how quick some of the cars were.    
  There was even a Lotus, but didn't see this run.