A Great event organised by Paul Golding. 50, yes 50 Lotus's (and a Noble M12) helped to fill one of Eurotunnels trains as they decended on Northern France.

This was the line up in the Car Park at the channel tunnel entrance before loading onto the train. The cars headed up to the holding area after passport control............

..............before lining up to get on the train.

After leaving the train behind it was off to the village of Crechy for a traditional French bagette lunch at a roadside bar.

This was the first (fast?) group to arrive.

After Lunch it was then off to Le Touquet-Paris-Plage where the local council had closed off one of the streets for us all to park. Unfortunately some of the locals had seen the empty road as prime parking which spoiled the effect somewhat, even a couple of French Elises joined at this stage. Anything which wasn't a Lotus ended up with a parking ticket, I think the Noble escaped. :)

As you can see, not all were Elises, there was the occasional Esprit.

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