Henry Ford Museum



Old Combine harvester

House designed in the 1940's to utilise the aircraft factories, only 3 were ever built


The actual chair President Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot in the Theatre

Ford Le Mans Car

The car (subsequently remodelled) in which JFK was shot and killed in Dallas

Typical 50's style truck

Nice old MG-TC

One of the 6 Bugatti Royales ever made

The Royale radiator emblem

This Train was HUGE!

Now that's what you call a snow plough

I managed to find a Lotus eventually. The 1965 Lotus 38 Indy 500 winner as driven by Jim Clark.


Ford also used to make Aeroplanes, with 3 engines

  The Ford Tri-engined plane   A real western Coach   Very old Grand prix car   Ford Concept car

The Henry Foird Museum is also attached to an IMAX cinema and a historical Village. As you can see from the pictures above this isn't just a car museum, in fact the car side of it is less than a quarter. There are loads of old household objects including radios, TV's even furniture, from the beginning of the USA to the recent past. This is a very interesting museum for looking at the history of America since the Mayflower. The items are basically those collected by Henry Ford throughout his lifetime.


The Henry Ford Museum is situated in Dearborn, Detroit, Michigan.