Ring Trip 9th, 10th September 2001

I decided it was time to take the Elise to the ring for a couple of days. As the circuit can get too busy at the weekend a full day during the week was required. As the regulars on the MGF BBS were holding their 'TREFFEN' tour of Europe and were visiting the ring on Monday the 10th September I chose this weekend.

The weather was changable on the way over but I decided to take the risk and put the roof down for the journey through Europe, despite very heavy rain on the Brussels Ring Road, a decent speed kept me dry, I eventually wimped out at Spa, very disappointed that there was no decent racing on.

I stayed in a nice Guest house in Blankenheim on the first night, before heading for the Ring on the Sunday Morning. Thanks to a hardy 'Ringer' Michael Frison I have the sequence of pictures below taken at Wehrseifen. Michael's website is highly recommended.

As you will see the distance to the bike is growing :o)

The next shot gives a real feeling of what the ring is about, lots of corners, no run off and great scenery.

The photos don't really show how wet it actually was.  Despite, or maybe because, of the weather there were no major incidents on the circuit and it remained open all day, the only off I came across was a BMW which had spun and hit the barrier at Quiddelbacher Hoehe, a first for me as I have never seen anyone crash there before.

As I was about to leave for the drive to Cochem and a meet up with the Treffeners, another Elise arrived. This was Belgian registered and I was surprised to be talking to an American.

 The following morning it was back to the ring.

Thanks to MG owner and Trefener Stefan Gibney for the remainder of the photos on this page. I completely forgot to get my own camera out of the boot of the car.  

When we arrived at the ring it was as wet as it had been the previous day. The circuit hadn't quite opened and as we parked up the first cars started lining up and then it was open. Having decided to wait a while I quickly realised that everyone else seemed to have gone straight out, after a few minutes I decided to follow. There was a large contingent of RS owners and Tickford Capri owners. It was n't long before I started passing them on the circuit, I should have waited longer. As I headed to wipperman there was a Tickford Capri against the barrier, both occupants were out the car and looked ok so I continued. I also had to pass a string of cars before Karussell, headed by a Sierra Cosworth in Egginberger Texaco race colours, who decided to race up the hill to Karussell and as a consequence had to take the flat route.



Everyone enjoyed their day, include Hazel who I think I only frightened once or twice and Stefan who I almost put off driving a lap himself.

With the weather my lap times, from the video, were around 11mins.

It was then back to Cochem where tales of the days events were discussed over dinner.

I then returned to the UK on the Tuesday, although I did drop by the ring to see what was going round as it was an industry day.