Nuerburgring Trip

20th to 23rd September 2002


Lawrence's car

My car

Robins car

and Kelvins car outside the....


...Hotel Zur Burg in Nuerburg after the first evening on track.

Nuerburg Castle at night.

Robin heads out onto a wet circuit on the Sunday

As does Kelvin.

Honda NSX heads out.

German GT3's

seem to come in pairs.

It wasn't just Elises


Me heading back in after a lap, note the nice cars in the car park.


British S2 heads into Brunchenn

      Thanks to Vadimir Mandic for the 2 pictures above    
  On the way into the Karussell having just passed the bike.   Going through the Karussell, shows the pressure with how low the suspension looks.   Chasing a MR2, before passing him soon after.    
  Thanks to Chris Hellegers who took the pictures and for helping me find them.    

Ferrari 360 Modena

Unfortunately not everyone comes back unscathed

Robin arrives back.


  Fairly clear Lap   Playing with some M3's for a while   Very Fast Porsche 911   Trying to keep up with a Viper GT car, even for a little while and Failing
  Visiting various circuits around Belgium
      Spa From La Source Hairpin    
      Pit Buildings at Mettet   Mettet Start-Finish straight    
  Parked at the original Pit buildings at Chimay. Due to the Police carrying out spot checks 100yds to the left of these pictures the video lap is slightly short.