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To use Lotus speak, The Sport 160 model is a high performance derivative of the Elise, aimed at customers requiring an increased level of dynamic specification for use on road or track.

The first 50 Sport 160 cars have undergone Single Vehicle type Approval (SVA) testing, and are factory built with catalytic converters and 'Sport' exhaust mufflers to produce 160 PS. Subsequent cars are Whole Vehicle Type Approved (WVTA) and are factory built with catalytic converters, 111S exhaust Mufflers and dual intake air cleaner/muffler assemblies to produce approx. 150PS. These cars may be readily converted to 160PS specification at customers expense. Prior to July '00, all cars were fitted with sport suspension (LSS) and upgraded seats, both of which became factory fit options after this time.

The difference between the Sport 160 and the standard Elise which the engine is based on are, Modified inlet and Exhaust ports, optimised compression ratio, new inlet and exhaust camshafts, VVC type cast alloy inlet manifold assembly, Modified airbox, 45mm diameter fabricated 4-2-1 exhaust manifold(as 340R), Oil cooler.

Visually, the Sport 160 has Lotus Accessory 'race' wheels (6J front, 8J rear) with 185/55R15 and 225/45R16 tyres. The Sport 160 has a 111S rear aerofoil with added wedge shaped plinths to raise the height. The Sport 160 comes in 2 forms of WVTA versions. The Sport 160 and the Sport S160. The latter comes with the LSS, and racing style seats.

My Sport 160

My car was originally owned by Lotus Cars and was probably a managers car. It is a WVTA car which when I picked it it had standard 111S black Leather seats and the standard elise suspension, and a black canvas roof. I kept the hard top from my previous car as it was the same colour. I had the roof swapped over as I prefered the blue to the black one the car had. I also had my blue alcantara seats swapped for the black leather ones. Those were the first modifications carried out. With the mods detailed below I took the car to Emeralds Rolling Road on 16th November 2002 the car gave a reading of 167bhp at 6767rpm and 136ft/lb at 4667rpm. The at the wheels power and torque is 136bhp and 118 ft/lb. The graph is below, click on the graph to see it properly.


The first 2 mods I carried out were the addition of a fire extinguisher and the shortening of the gear lever and add the surround. The gear lever is to give me sufficient space to change gear and drive the car properly.

Next mods were a bit more expensive. They were the addition of a Hurricane airfilter system and the Trophy 160 throttle body which is 4mm larger.

Next was a white/smoked repeater to match the front indicators.


The next modification was actually the largest yet. Having got fed up with the standard suspension and feeling that the LSS wasn't stiff enough, or good value for money I fitted a Spax RSX adjustable suspension kit. This kit has adjustable damping and spring platforms to lower the ride height. I lowered the car to slightly above LSS ride heights and also very stiff damping.

I also fitted rear indicators to match.

Next was the exhaust system. I actually ordered a Dave Minter system but due to problems they supplied a Janspeed until the problems were solved. New pictures when DM system fitted.

A nice cheap mod which looks good is the rear stone chip protection in black. I did this by buying a sheet of black Fablon, stuck it over the original clear ones and cut round it.

Having fitted smoked headlight lenses, to make it look a bit darker I stuck some of the black Fablon inside. I could have painted it but didn't want to make the change permanantly. The picture at the top shows how good it looks.

My next mod was to fit a removeable steering wheel. This was for a couple of reasons. One it moves the wheel closer to the driver giving extra legroom, and for security. It was also a nice blue alcantara to match the seats. Red buttons are for the horn.


Next was due to necessity, and the fact the rear tyres wore out in 2500 miles. I fitted the Yokohama Advan Neova LTS tyres which are a huge improvement in the wet over the Pirelli P-zeros it came with.

Oops, almost forgot I refitted the discs I used on the previous car.




Nice sticker of the founders signature

Click above for pictures on fitting the Harness bar and harnesses


Found a nice set of Blue Alcantara Door cards with chrome studs on Ebay.


While browsing the Exiges BBS I found reference to a couple of guys who produced a diffuser at a cheap price.

It sticks out a bit but not as far as some that are available.

An attempt to make the Peugeot switches look better.


With a recent ECU update I also had Dave Andrews fit a set of verniers to the engine.

  Bought a new set of Nitron dampers which are a big improvement over the Spax.  

  This is them fitted.  

Had the dash inserts painted body colour to give the interior a more finished look.

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