Standard 2000MY Lotus Elise 1.8



The standard Lotus Elise has 118bhp when it leaves the factory and a weight of approx 700kg. My old car was coloured Mustard Yellow (sometimes called Spice yellow), not Norfolk Mustard as that was for the early non-metallic version. I carried out a few mods as detailed below and did a few trips as seen on the Runs page and the Nuerburgring page. I enjoyed the car but felt it ultimately required a bit more power, and that was why I bought the Sport 160, see other page.


I did all the usual tweeks to the car.


The Catalyst lived in the garage.

As did the standard Exhaust.

I also replaced the air filter box with a K&N 57i system.

I didn't carry out any mods to the suspension system but I did replace the original Pirelli Tyres which were useless in anything other than dry conditions. Lotus have developed a new tyre in association with Yokohame called the Yokohama Advan Neova LTS (bit of a mouthfull). I felt this would be a good move and is probably one of the best and easiest modifications to the standard Elise. It has a very distinct tread pattern as you can see on the left.

I also upgraded the brakes. I fitted some motorsport discs. These are crossdrilled and grooved with a bolt on aluminium centre. I fitted these to the front only. I also fitted Mintex pads all round.

I've also used a classic Elan type plate on the car (temp photo as the P seems to have moved slightly)

I also did a bit of in-car filming when at track days etc, click on picture for camera fitment details.

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